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In the Belatacept Evaluation of Nephroprotection and Efficacy as First-Line Immunosuppression Trial-Extended Criteria Donors (BENEFIT-EXT), extended criteria donor kidney recipients were randomized(More)
BENEFIT and BENEFIT-EXT were phase III studies of cytotoxic T-cell crossmatch-negative kidney transplant recipients randomized to belatacept more intense (MI)-based, belatacept less intense(More)
Donor-specific antibodies (DSAs) are associated with an increased risk of antibody-mediated rejection and graft failure. In BENEFIT and BENEFIT-EXT, kidney-transplant recipients were randomized to(More)
Measured glomerular filtration rates (mGFRs) were obtained by (99)mTc-DPTA, (125)I-iothalamate, iohexol, (51)Cr-EDTA, non-radiolabeled iothalamate, or inulin clearance from centers agreeing to(More)
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