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Clonidine, an agonist of central alpha-2-adrenergic receptors, reduced the peripheral sympathetic activity. With regard to the mutual pathophysiological relationship of blood pressure regulating mechanisms, the authors wanted to find out whether after clonidine administration, in addition to the known suppression of catecholamine levels (CA), also changes(More)
The mechanisms of hypotensive effect of the portacaval transposition of the vessels in dogs with vaso-renal hypertension were studied. The direction of renal and adrenal venous blood to the liver in hypertensive dogs led to an increase in aldosterone metabolism, and, at the same time, to a rise of the hormone secretion by the adrenal glands; as a result the(More)
Experiments on dogs demonstrated that an increase of aldosterone secretion depended not only on the angiotensin II level in the blood, but also on the character of the changes in the peptide concentration: reaction of the glomerular zone of the adrenal cortex to this octapeptide increased after a preliminary angiotensin stimulation of the adrenal glands.(More)