Martin Plchút

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RNA interference is a powerful tool for gene silencing, which is mediated by introducing siRNA. In the present study, statistical analyses of published siRNA selection criteria, the interpretation of some criteria and systematic searching for new criteria have been carried out for CGB siRNA and siRecords databases. The results of the analyses are as(More)
UNLABELLED We have developed a web service that provides a comprehensive analysis of the susceptibility of cells to undergo apoptosis in response to an activation of the mitochondrial apoptotic pathway. Based on ordinary differential equations, (pre-determined) protein concentrations and release kinetics of mitochondrial pro-apoptotic factors, a network of(More)
RNA interference (RNAi) has become an important tool to study and utilize gene silencing by introducing short interfering RNA (siRNA). In order to predict the most efficient siRNAs, a new software tool, RNA Workbench (RNAWB), has been designed and is freely available (after registration) on In addition to the standard selection(More)
Changes in the electrochemical gradients across biological membranes are excellent indicators of pathophysiological processes, drug action, or drug toxicity. Our previous studies have utilized the potentiometric probe tetramethylrhodamine methyl ester (TMRM) to characterize changes in mitochondrial function by monitoring alterations in the mitochondrial(More)
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