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During 1988 and 1989 a survey was conducted of the drinking habits and alcohol-related beliefs of a national sample of teenagers in England. Data were obtained from 6,244 respondents virtually all aged 14-16. Heavy drinkers were significantly more likely to report drinking in a mixed sex group than were other teenagers. They were also more likely than(More)
This paper compares samples of 15-16-year-olds from the UK and France on their usage of alcohol, tobacco and illicit drugs and also seeks to describe the associations between alcohol and other drug use with "family variables" within the two countries. Compared to UK adolescents, French adolescents showed a slightly higher rate of cigarette smoking, were(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine patterns of self reported drinking, smoking, and illicit drug use among a representative United Kingdom sample of people born in 1979. DESIGN Cross sectional, single phase survey based on a stratified cluster sample of 70 United Kingdom secondary schools during March and April 1995. Pupils completed a 406 item standardised(More)
Beginning with France in the 1950s, alcohol consumption has decreased in Southern European countries with few or no preventive alcohol policy measures being implemented, while alcohol consumption has been increasing in Northern European countries where historically more restrictive alcohol control policies were in place, even though more recently they were(More)
The usefulness of serum-gamma-glutamyl-transpeptidase (gamma-GT) and mean cell volume (MCV) as markers of alcohol consumption was assessed in men in employment (266 company directors and 222 manual workers in alcohol-production firms) and in 34 male alcoholic patients. The correlations of admitted consumption with gamma-GT were 0.307 (directors) and 0.418(More)
The association between alcohol consumption and AIDS risks is examined. It is concluded that chronic heavy drinking or alcohol consumption levels consistent with alcohol dependence or alcohol-related liver disease does damage the immune system. In addition alcohol consumption influences sexual behaviour for a variety of psychological, social and physical(More)
Regional variations in officially recorded rates of alcohol related morbidity in Britain were investigated by surveying community drinking habits of a randomly selected sample of adults in the Highlands, Tayside, and part of the South East Thames region. Contrary to expectations, patterns of alcohol consumption did not differ in a manner consistent with the(More)