Martin Pfeiler

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Invasive selective coronary angiography as a clinical method is about 40 years old. This article surveying this period, written by an R&D engineer, deals with four parts: first the situation before 1965 is touched upon. For the time after 1965 the second and third parts describe the development of the procedure and of the technique with special reference to(More)
The computerized X-ray tomography uses for the information of the images besides a highly developed computer technology a special CT-algorithm, i.e. preprocessing of detected "projections", their "high-pass" convolution and back-projection. The diagnostic success of computerized X-ray tomography gave rise to the investigation of other carriers of(More)
The effect of respiratory movement of abdominal organs on computer tomography is illustrated. Methods for an objective evaluation of the reproducibility of tomograms are presented. A procedure for the quantitative determination of the respiratory movement of abdominal organs using computer tomography is described.
First, the paper deals with the fundamental importance of standardisation to manufacturers, users and experts; the special demands made by medical engineering on safety and function are outlined clearly and in detail. The application and significance of standards for the development, testing and approval of medical technical systems are illustrated by means(More)