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A crude chloroform extract of seeds of Millettia dura Dunn (Leguminosae) showed high activity (LC50 = 3.5 microg ml(-1) at 24 h) against second-instar larvae of the mosquito, Aedes aegypti L (Diptera: Culicidae). The rotenoids, deguelin and tephrosin, isolated from the seeds of this plant also showed potent activities, with LC50 values of 1.6 and 1.4 microg(More)
The dichloromethane extract of the stem bark of Millettia usaramensis subspecies usaramensis showed anti-plasmodial activity against the chloroquine sensitive (D6) and chloroquine resistant (W2) strains of Plasmodium falciparum. Chromatographic separation of the extract led to the identification of a new rotenoid,(More)
Over the past years, family 18 chitinases have been validated as potential targets for the design of drugs against human pathogens that contain or interact with chitin during their normal life cycles. Thus far, only one potent chitinase inhibitor has been described in detail, the pseudotrisaccharide allosamidin. Recently, however, two potent natural-product(More)
The p16/RB/E2F regulatory pathway, which controls transit through the G1 restriction point of the cell cycle, is one of the most frequent targets of genetic alterations in human cancer. Any of these alterations results in the deregulated expression of the transcription factor E2F, one of the key mediators of cell cycle progression. Under these conditions,(More)
The ethyl acetate extract of the stem bark of Erythrina abyssinica showed anti-plasmodial activity against the chloroquine-sensitive (D6) and chloroquine-resistant (W2) strains of Plasmodium falciparum with IC(50) values of 7.9+/-1.1 and 5.3+/-0.7 microg/ml, respectively. From this extract, a new chalcone, 2',3,4,4'-tetrahydroxy-5-prenylchalcone (trivial(More)
AIMS To assess the effects of an NT-proBNP-guided medical management on 18-month outcomes in patients with heart failure (HF) and preserved LVEF ( HFpEF). METHODS AND RESULTS Patients with HFpEF (LVEF >45%; n = 123) and HF with reduced LVEF (HFrEF; LVEF ≤45%; n = 499) with age ≥60 years, NYHA class ≥ II, and elevated NT-proBNP (>400 ng/L or >800 ng/L(More)
PURPOSE The p53 family member p73 displays significant homology to p53, but data from primary tumors demonstrating increased expression levels of p73 in the absence of any gene mutations argue against a classical tumor suppressor function. A detailed analysis of the p73 protein in tumor tissues has revealed expression of two classes of p73 isoforms. Whereas(More)
This paper presents some results concerning the size-controlled hydroxyapatite nanoparticles obtained in aqueous media in a biopolymer matrix from soluble precursors salts. Taking the inspiration from nature, where composite materials made of a polymer matrix and inorganic fillers are often found, e.g. bone, shell of crustaceans, shell of eggs, etc., the(More)
From the root bark of Erythrina abyssinica a new pterocarpene [3-hydroxy-9-methoxy-10-(3,3-dimethylallyl)pterocarpene] and a new isoflav-3-ene [7,4'-dihydroxy-2',5'-dimethoxyisoflav-3-ene] were isolated. In addition, the known compounds erycristagallin, licoagrochalcone A, octacosyl ferulate and triacontyl 4-hydroxycinnamate were identified. The structures(More)
Heterochitooligosaccharides possess interesting biological properties. Isobaric mixtures of such linear heterochitooligosaccharides can be obtained by chemical or enzymatic degradation of chitosan. However, the separation of such mixtures is a challenging analytical problem which is so far unresolved. It is shown that these isobaric mixtures can be(More)