Martin Parisot

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This paper is devoted to the derivation of the Spitzer–Härm limit from the coupled system of PDEs describing the evolution of charged particles and electromagnetic fields. We identify a relevant asymptotic regime which leads to a non linear diffusion equation for the electron temperature. Then, we discuss some intermediate models, which remain of(More)
In the so-called Spitzer-Härm regime, equations of plasma physics reduce to a non linear parabolic equation for the electronic temperature. Coming back to the derivation of this limiting equation through hydrodynamic regime arguments, one is led to construct a hierarchy of models where the heat fluxes are defined through a non-local relation which can be(More)
In this paper we propose a mathematical model of protein and mRNA transport inside a cell. The spatio-temporal model takes into account the active transport along microtubules in the cytoplasm as well as diffusion and is able to reproduce the oscillatory changes in protein concentration observed in many experimental data. In the model the protein and the(More)
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