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The Drosophila Single-minded and Tango basic-helix-loop-helix-PAS protein heterodimer controls transcription and embryonic development of the CNS midline cells, while the Trachealess and Tango heterodimer controls tracheal cell and salivary duct transcription and development. Expression of both single-minded and trachealess is highly restricted to their(More)
This paper describes the concept of language oriented programming which is a novel way of organising the development of a large software system, leading to a different structure for the finished product. The approach starts by developing a formally specified, domain-oriented, very high-level language which is designed to be well-suited to developing " this(More)
In this paper we will take a detailed look at a larger example of program analysis by transformation. We will be considering Algorithm 2.3.3.A from Knuth's \Fundamental Algorithms" Knuth (1968) (P.357) which is an algorithm for the addition of polynomials represented using four-directional links. Knuth (1974) describes this as having \a complicated(More)
There is a vast collection of operational software systems which are vitally important to their users, yet are becoming increasingly difficult to maintain, enhance and keep up to date with rapidly changing requirements. For many of these so called legacy systems the option of throwing the system away an rewriting it from scratch is not economically viable.(More)
Conditioned slicing can be applied to reverse engineering problems which involve the extraction of executable fragments of code in the context of some criteria of interest. This paper introduces ConSUS, a conditioner for the Wide Spectrum Language, WSL. The symbolic executor of Con-SUS prunes the symbolic execution paths, and its predicate reasoning system(More)
The aim of this article is to provide a unified mathematical framework for program slicing which places all slicing work for sequential programs on a sound theoretical foundation. The main advantage to a mathematical approach is that it is not tied to a particular representation. In fact the mathematics provides a sound basis for <i>any</i> particular(More)