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In this paper we describe a new algorithm to prevent fault attacks on RSA signature algorithms using the Chinese Remainder Theorem (CRT-RSA). This variant of the RSA signature algorithm is widely used on smartcards. Smartcards on the other hand are particularly susceptible to fault attacks like the one described in [7]. Recent results have shown that fault(More)
We present a new type of fault attacks on elliptic curve scalar multiplications: Sign Change Attacks. These attacks exploit different number representations as they are often employed in modern cryptographic applications. Previously, fault attacks on elliptic curves aimed to force a device to output points which are on a cryptographically weak curve. Such(More)
Enkephalin-deficient knockout mice, a genetic model of enhanced anxiety responses, and wild-type controls were housed in two separate facilities on the same campus using different caging systems. Stress reactivity was evaluated in these animals using a zero-maze test followed by c-Fos expression analysis in limbic brain regions. Animals with genetically or(More)
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