Martin Ohlsson

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Smartphone-based insurance telematics or usage based insurance is a disruptive technology which relies on insurance premiums that reflect the risk profile of the driver; measured via smartphones with appropriate installed software. A survey of smartphone-based insurance telematics is presented, including definitions; Figure-of-Merits (FoMs), describing the(More)
A framework is presented to deploy a smartphonebased measurement system for road vehicle traffic monitoring and usage based insurance. Through the aid of a hierarchical model to modularize the description, the functionality is described as spanning from sensor-level functionality and technical specification, up to the top-most business model. The designer(More)
Usage Based Insurance (UBI) programs for car insurance is becoming mainstream using tailored vehicle mounted hardware, where the commercial initiatives can be traced back to the mid-nineties [1]. The smartphone has been identified as an enabler for future UBI, replacing the vehicle (after-) mounted dedicated hardware with a ubiquitous device with a(More)
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