Martin Ogden

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We describe the implementation of a glucose control protocol supported by a web-based insulin dose calculator in a 16-bedded intensive care unit. The protocol was introduced and then modified after 15 months' use. Glucose concentrations were retrospectively reviewed and compared for the 9-month period before introduction of the protocol (288 patients), for(More)
Leg length discrepancy (LLD) may be determined by comparison of leg (lower extremity) lengths measured during physical examination or by radiographic means. Leg lengths may be measured with the patient in standing, weight-bearing position or in supine position. We used a low dose digital radiographic unit to test the hypothesis that there is a difference in(More)
BACKGROUND Healthy volunteers received low-dose target-controlled infusions (TCI) of ketamine controlled by the Domino model while cognitive function tests and functional neuroimaging were performed. The aim of the current study was to assess the predictive performance of the Domino model during these studies, and compare it with that of three other(More)
OBJECTIVE We describe a modified version of a web-based insulin calculator for the control of blood glucose in critical care. DESIGN We modified a previously described calculator by incorporating bolus doses of insulin to be given. The calculator is now also able to store blood glucose concentrations, insulin rates, bed number and the date and time of(More)
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