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Evidence from animal studies and clinical observations suggest that the activity of the pituitary-adrenal axis is under significant influence of sex steroids. The present study investigated how a short term elevation of estradiol levels affects ACTH, cortisol, norepinephrine, and heart rate responses to mental stress in healthy men. In a double blind study,(More)
Graphene research has prospered impressively in the past few years, and promising applications such as high-frequency transistors, magnetic field sensors, and flexible optoelectronics are just waiting for a scalable and cost-efficient fabrication technology to produce high-mobility graphene. Although significant progress has been made in chemical vapor(More)
Characterization of tumour heterogeneity using dynamic contrast enhanced CT and FDG-PET in non-small cell lung cancer " , The PET-boost randomised phase II dose-escalation trial in non-small cell lung cancer, " Radiother Oncol 104(1):67-71 (2012). Quantification of radiation-induced lung damage with CT scans: The possible benefit for radiogenomics.
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