Martin O'Brien

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This Essay examines the process by which the language of human rights moved to center stage in the political process. It looks to peace processes elsewhere to determine whether the Agreement is deserving of the High Commissioner's special praise and analyzes, from a human rights perspective, the content of the Agreement and the extent to which the promises(More)
Ireland's banking system is among the most open in the world, with a significant amount of the industry headquartered in other countries. In this paper we examine the development of the industry in the run up to the recent domestic and international financial crises. We highlight the three distinct categories of banks operating in Ireland, which allows for(More)
In plants, the germline lineages arise in later stages of life cycle as opposed to animals where both male and female germlines are set aside early in development. This developmental divergence is associated with germline specific or preferential expression of a subset of genes that are normally repressed for the rest of plant life cycle. The gene(More)
Adipose tissue dysfunction in aging is associated with inflammation, metabolic syndrome and other diseases. We propose that impaired protein homeostasis due to compromised lysosomal degradation (micro-autophagy) might promote aberrant ER stress response and inflammation in aging adipose tissue. Using C57BL/6 mouse model, we demonstrate that adipose(More)
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