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This class offers a continuation of Math 153. I would like to present a number of research projects that are performed at the Program for Evolutionary Dynamics. We will upload further reading material on the course web page, You are required to attend each class and write an essay on a topic of your choice relating to one of the lectures or an approved(More)
Tumor micromilieu often shows pronounced acidosis forcing cells to adapt their phenotype towards enhanced tumorigenesis induced by altered cellular signalling and transcriptional regulation. In the presents study mechanisms and potential consequences of the crosstalk between extra- and intracellular pH (pH(e), pH(i)) and mitogen-activated-protein-kinases(More)
The dynamics of evolutionary processes creates a remarkable picture of life. Sean Nee Martin Nowak is undeniably a great artist, working in the medium of mathematical biology. He may be a great scientist as well: time will tell, and readers of this book can form their own preliminary judgement. In his wanderings through academia's firmament — from Oxford,(More)
Martin Nowak is Head of the Program in Theoretical Biology at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. He will move to Harvard University later this year. Nowak's work initiated the field of virus dynamics — the mathematical description of how viruses spread within infected individuals. This led to a quantitative understanding of HIV infection (see(More)