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—Cryptanalysis of ciphers usually involves massive computations. The security parameters of cryptographic algorithms are commonly chosen so that attacks are infeasible with available computing resources. Thus, in the absence of mathematical breakthroughs to a cryptanalytical problem, a promising way for tackling the computations involved is to build(More)
The paper describes FPGA implementation of cryptographic coprocessor performing operations on elliptic curve points with coordinates in GF (2 m). Polynomial basis and normal basis arithmetic units are presented and compared. Hardware implementation of GCD inversion in polynomial basis is described. Where an optimal normal basis exists, the normal basis(More)
Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are highly considered in the ethiopathogenesis of different pathological conditions because they may cause significant damage to cells and tissues. In this paper, we focused on potential antioxidant properties of two medical plants such as the Agrimonia eupatoria L. and Cynara cardunculus L. Both plants have previously been(More)