Martin Norris

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1. Reported patient perceptions of seclusion revealed many negative feelings. The quest for the human element, dignity, to understand and to be understood, and to be reassured was a theme throughout. 2. Whatever nurses can do before or during the seclusion process that results in more positive perceptions by patients helps promote more comfortable feelings(More)
The 'Learning To Make a Difference' (LTMD) initiative was a Royal College of Physicians/Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board collaboration supported by The Health Foundation. It aimed to support the learning and development of new and relevant skills in quality improvement (QI) methodology by trainees to enable them to deliver effective QI(More)
The nursing theory of Dorothea Orem is applied to the care of the adolescent transplant recipient in the long-term setting of outpatient services. The theory of self-care is used as a framework to organize and direct nursing services to this select population. The following article discusses the framework that significantly contributes to maximizing the(More)
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