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Social and human capital in immigrant adaptation:: The case of Canadian business immigrants
Abstract Purpose: With the resurgence of immigration to North America in the past three decades, research on immigrant adaptation and the attendant issues of assimilation has burgeoned. A prevailingExpand
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Social Inequality: Patterns and Processes
Preface 1. AN INTRODUCTION TO THE STUDY OF SOCIAL INEQUALITY / Major Issues in the Study of Social Inequality / Examining Inequality in a Sociological Mode / Some Basic Terms and Concepts in theExpand
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The use of social and human capital among Canadian business immigrants
Social capital in the form of ethnic networks and family ties is assumed to function critically in the establishment and operation of immigrant-owned businesses. In this paper I argue that, althoughExpand
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Business strategies among East Indian entrepreneurs in Toronto: The role of group resources and opportunity structure
Abstract This article examines the class and ethnic resources used by East Indian immigrants in self‐owned enterprise and the opportunity structure within which they operate. A non‐probability sampleExpand
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Ethnic Enterprise in Ontario: Immigrant Participation in the Small Business Sector
Participation in the small business sector by immigrants in Ontario is examined, using a theoretical model that views immigrant enterprise as a product of class and ethnic resources in combinationExpand
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Transnationalism or assimilation? Patterns of sociopolitical adaptation among Canadian business immigrants
Abstract This study analyses patterns of sociopolitical incorporation among immigrant entrepreneurs in Ontario who entered Canada under the auspices of the federal Business Immigration Program [BIP]Expand
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Ethnic Succession in Detroit Politics, 1900-1950
In tracing the changing ethnic patterns in the composition of the highest elective offices in Detroit from 1900 to 1950, the author distinguishes three eras in the ethnic makeup of the city'sExpand
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East Indians in small business: Middleman minority or ethnic enclave?
Abstract The East Indian small business class of Toronto is examined, using middleman minority and ethnic enclave models as an analytic framework. The most apparent feature of this entrepreneurialExpand
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Social Movement Organizations and Response to Environmental Change: The NAACP, 1960-1973
From 1960 to 1973 the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People struggled to maintain its relevance to the black protest movement in the United States in the face of competition fromExpand
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