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We evaluate three open source enterprise service buses (ESBs) Fuse, Mule and OpenESB, focusing on their support of high availability. Since high availability for the these ESBs relies on transactional Java messaging service (JMS) in a staged event driven architecture (SEDA), we review JMSs first. On this base, we evaluate and rate the ESBs on their support(More)
—The extended Kalman filter (EKF) can be used for the purpose of training nonlinear neural networks to perform desired input–output mappings. To improve the computational requirements of the EKF, Puskorius et al. proposed the decoupled EKF (DEKF) as a practical remedy for the proper management of computational resources. This approach, however, sacrifices(More)
Disturbance of capillary perfusions due to leukocyte adhesion, disseminated intravascular coagulation, tissue edema is critical components in the pathophysiology of sepsis. Alterations in brain microcirculation during sepsis are not clearly understood. The aim of this study is to gain an improved understanding of alterations through direct visualization of(More)
" I should mention also the great scientific value [of Buldir]; a strictly isolated island with an isolated fauna in which the elements may interact unhindered. This will be of great value and interest to the biologist of the future "-Olaus Murie, 1936 in Biological investigations of the Aleutian Islands and southwestern Alaska " We were a weather station,(More)
The object of this study was to characterize the synthesis and metabolism of platelet activating factor (PAF) by intestinal mucosa subjected to ischaemia-reperfusion injury. Canine intestinal mucosa produced 16:0-PAF, 18:0-PAF, and high levels of the corresponding lyso- PAF metabolites. Three h of intestinal ischaemia and ischaemia followed by 1 h of(More)