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Outer membrane protein G is a monomeric β-barrel porin that has seven flexible loops on its extracellular side. Conformational changes of these labile loops induce gating spikes in current recordings that we exploited as the prime sensing element for protein detection. The gating characteristics, open probability, frequency, and current decrease, provide(More)
MAO inhibitors of diverse chemical structures were found to inhibit the uptake of 3H-NE into chopped rat cerebral cortex in vitro. The following molar (M) IC50 values to inhibit 3H-NE uptake were obtained: iproniazid, 7.9 X 10(-4)M; pargyline, 3.1 X 10(-4)M; pheniprazine, 6.3 X 10(-6)M; phenelzine, 3.9 X 10(-6)M; tranylcypromine, 2.5 X 10(-6)M; amphetamine,(More)
Disruption of certain genes alters the heritable phenotypic variation among individuals. Research on the chaperone Hsp90 has played a central role in determining the genetic basis of this phenomenon, which may be important to evolution and disease. Key studies have shown that Hsp90 perturbation modifies the effects of many genetic variants throughout the(More)
In 1973, a tomb was found in the basilica of the monastery of Neustift near Brixen (South Tyrol) containing a fragmentary skeleton of a male individual aging over 60 years. For testing the identity of the unearthed bones with those of the knight Oswald von Wolkenstein (1376/77-1445), buried in this basilica, anthropological/anthropometric, toxicological,(More)
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  • 1980
This is an example of a case presented at the meeting of the association of heredo-anthropologic evaluaters (Arbeitsgemeinschaft anthropologisch-erbbiologischer Gutachter) in Tübingen (Feb. 16th/17th, 1979). The meeting included beyond the morphological experts serologists as well as judges. The question is being raised whether an heredo-anthropological(More)
We present our computational method for binary alloy solidification which takes advantage of high performance computing where up to 1024 cores are employed. Much of the simulation at a sufficiently fine resolution is possible on a modern 12 core PC and the 1024 core simulation is only necessary for very mature dendrite and convergence testing where high(More)
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