Martin Moynihan

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Eugenol-containing dental materials are frequently used in clinical dentistry. When zinc oxide-eugenol (ZOE) is applied to a dentinal cavity, small quantities of eugenol diffuse through the dentin to the pulp. Low concentrations of eugenol exert anti-inflammatory and local anesthetic effects on the dental pulp. Thus use of ZOE temporary filling may(More)
In an earlier discussion of social behavior (Moynihan, 1960), it was suggested that there will usually be very strong selection pressure for or against the development, or maintenance, of similarities between any two species which come into contact with one another. Or-and this is not quite the same thing-for or against the development or maintenance of(More)
A double antibody sandwich-ELISA has been developed for the detection of antigenic differences between wild and vaccine derived strains of Poliovirus type 1. Poliovirus strains antibodies were prepared in rabbits by immunization with virus suspensions of: Sabin LSc2ab (vaccine derived) and Brunhilde and Mahoney (wild types). IgG fractions were purified from(More)
CO2 laser may be beneficially applied to teeth in preventive and restorative dentistry, but its physiopathologic effects on the dental pulp have not been reported. To address the dynamic pulpal changes induced by CO2 laser the purpose of this study was to examine such changes in pulpal microcirculation. The enamel surfaces of 4 cat canines were irradiated(More)
A sensitive method is described to detect poliovirus antigen in diluted samples of semi-processed and processed Salk vaccine material using a double antibody sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). The introduction of a simple conjugate-blocking step permits confirmation of antigen specificity and allows evaluation of neutralising antibody(More)
In this article previous research on the perception of visual aids by non-literates in Kenya, Zambia, Ghana, Papua New Guinea, Mexico, as well as among immigrant groups in London and Paris, in Nepal and, by the authors in northern India, is reviewed. Recognition of pictures is affected by the particular culture of each group. In Africa, photos are better(More)
HEALTH education conventionally takes one of two forms, a mass campaign to the whole population using the media, or an approach to members of chosen at-risk groups, through individual or small group sessions. The following study explores the efficacy of one-to-one education of the whole adult population, at risk or not, by visiting a random sample of them(More)
Moynihan (1976) mentioned an undescribed species of Callicebus between the ríos Caquetá and Orteguaza, Caquetá Department, Colombia. In August 2008, we confirmed the new species, which is phylogenetically related to C. ornatus and C. discolor to the north and south of the type locality respectively. We described this species as Callicebus caquetensis Defler(More)