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The regulation of cell migration is a highly complex process that is often compromised when cancer cells become metastatic. The microtubule cytoskeleton is necessary for cell migration, but how microtubules and microtubule-associated proteins regulate multiple pathways promoting cell migration remains unclear. Microtubule plus-end binding proteins (+TIPs)(More)
Eleven million tonnes of waste are produced yearly by the European pulp and paper industry, of which 70% originates from the production of deinked recycled paper. Wastes are very diverse in composition and consist of rejects, different types of sludges and ashes in mills having on-site incineration treatment. The production of pulp and paper from virgin(More)
We identified a large French-Canadian family with 21 cases of breast cancer, including two affected brothers. Segregation of markers from chromosome 13q in this family showed linkage to the BRCA2 gene locus (lod = 3.67 at D13S289). A number of cancers of other types occurred in this family, including three cases of prostate cancer and two cases of lymphoma.(More)
The use of enzymes has been suggested as an environmentally friendly alternative to complement conventional chemical deinking in the recycling of recovered paper. This study compares the use of cellulases/hemicellulases versus the laccase-mediator system for deinking printed fibers from newspapers and magazines. For this purpose, two commercial enzyme(More)
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