Martin Molina

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This document describes Sampling and Filtering techniques for IP packet selection. It provides a categorization of schemes and defines what parameters are needed to describe the most common selection schemes. Furthermore, it shows how techniques can be combined to build more elaborate packet Selectors. The document provides the basis for the definition of(More)
<lb>state<lb>match<lb>problem<lb>refine<lb>problem<lb>determine<lb>contributors model based<lb>simulation find external<lb>actions demand<lb>estimation estimate global<lb>demand<lb>estimate<lb>regulation effect<lb>distribute<lb>demand<lb>simulate<lb>behavior<lb>local diagnosis<lb>system<lb>decomposition local(More)
A useful strategy to improve disaster risk management is sharing spatial data across different technical organizations using shared information systems. However, the implementation of this type of system requires a large effort, so it is difficult to find fully implemented and sustainable information systems that facilitate sharing multinational spatial(More)
The freely available SPaRKy sentence planner uses hand-written weighted rules for sentence plan construction, and a useror domain-specific second-stage ranker for sentence plan selection. However, coming up with sentence plan construction rules for a new domain can be difficult. In this paper, we automatically extract sentence plan construction rules from(More)
This paper describes ExperNet, an intelligent multi-agent system that was developed under an EU funded project to assist in the management of a large-scale data network. ExperNet assists network operators at various nodes of a WAN to detect and diagnose hardware failures and network traffic problems and suggests the most feasible solution, through a(More)
The Andean Information System for Disaster Prevention and Relief – SIAPAD (as it is called in Spanish) is an Andean Committee for Disaster Risk Prevention and Relief (CAPRADE ) initiative oriented to provide tools for data and information discovery, visualization and to facilitate access to the data available in the different technical organizations of(More)