Martin Mittelbach

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—The optimal transmit strategies of single-user multi-antenna systems with respect to average capacity maximization are well understood. However, the performance measure does neglect delay aspects which are important for higher layer design. Therefore, we consider the maximization of the effective capacity in a single-user multi-antenna system with(More)
— We study the ergodic capacity of a frequency selective Rayleigh fading channel with correlated scattering, which finds application in the area of UWB. Under an average power constraint, we consider a single-user, single-antenna transmission. Coherent reception is assumed with full CSI at the receiver and no CSI at the transmitter. We distinguish between a(More)
—We derive a parameterization of positive definite matrices using the Cholesky decomposition in combination with hyperspherical coordinates. Based on the parameterization we develop a simple and efficient method to randomly generate positive definite matrices with constant or bounded trace according to a uniform distribution. Further, we present an(More)
— We consider a discrete-time frequency-selective block-fading channel with Rayleigh fading and correlated scattering. This is relevant in the area of UWB and if transceiver filters are included in the capacity analysis. Under an average power constraint, we assume a single-user, single-antenna transmission with full CSI at the receiver and no CSI at the(More)
A coding theorem and converse are proved for abstract channels with time structure that contain continuous-time continuous-valued channels and the result by Kadota and Wyner (1972) as special cases. As main contribution the coding theorem is proved for a significantly weaker condition on the channel output memory and without imposing extra measurability(More)
The capacity regions of Gaussian broadcast channels depends on the knowledge of channel state information (CSI). When there is only statistical CSI at the transmitter and full CSI at the receiver, the ergodic capacity region is unknown in general. In this paper we investigate the relation between the degradedness and stochastic orders among channels from(More)
— Correlated scattering occurs naturally in frequency-selective fading channels and its impact on the performance needs to be understood. In particular, we answer the question whether the uncorrelated scattering model leads to an optimistic or pessimistic estimation of the actual average capacity. In the paper, we use majorization for functions to show that(More)
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