Martin Mikusz

3Dieter Fellner
3Germany Peter Universität Der Bundeswehrmünchen
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Approaches, such as Cloud Robotics, Robot-as-a-Service, merged Internet of Things and robotics, and Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) in production, show that the industrial robotics domain experiences a paradigm shift that increasingly links robots in real-life factories with virtual reality. However, despite the growing body of research to date, though(More)
Das heutige Verständnis von Cyber-Physischen Systemen (CPS) in Forschung und Praxis ist im Sinne eingebetteter Systeme ein vornehmlich informationstechnisches. Die weiterführende Auffassung zukünftiger CPS charakterisiert diese jedoch vielmehr als sozio-technische Servicesysteme. CPS, wie sie sich beispielsweise im Bereich der intelligent vernetzten(More)
last decade, agile approaches disseminated in software development processes as well as in project management. Today, traditional and agile approaches are more and more combined within hybrid project management concepts that are applicable not only in software development & implementation projects. The conference papers discuss conceptual approaches on(More)
th event in a conference series focusing on a broad range of topics investigating software development process models from a variety of perspectives. With its emphasis on lively discussions and cross-fertilization of academia and industry, it provides a valuable platform to advance the state of the art in topics such as tailoring, plan-driven and agile(More)