Martin Meszaros

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The molting cycle in insects is regulated by the fluctuating levels of ecdysteroids. Twenty-four hours prior to the pupal molt in Manduca sexta steroid titers are relatively high and they fall to very low levels at 4 hr before the molt. Several physiological events accompanying molts have been shown to require the rise and then the subsequent decline of(More)
Investigations of ecdysteroid-regulated gene cascades in Drosophila have shown that characteristics of downstream genes in such cascades include their repression by high ecdysteroid levels, their expression at low hormone levels, and the dependence of their expression on protein synthesis. In an earlier study, we identified a gene, esr20, which is expressed(More)
We are interested in the molecular events underlying the development of the nervous system of Manduca sexta during the final 24 h of the pupal molt. In this article we describe a gene, Mng10, that is expressed in the abdominal nervous system of M. sexta and is developmentally regulated over this 24-h period. In situ hybridization analysis shows that the(More)
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