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Podcasting has become a very popular and successful Internet service in a short time. This success illustrates the interest for participatory broadcasting, in its actual form however, podcasting is only available with fixed infrastructure support to retrieve publicized episodes. We aim at releasing this limitation and present herein our podcasting system(More)
—Spatial Principal Component Analysis (PCA) has been proposed for network-wide anomaly detection. A recent work has shown that PCA is very sensitive to calibration settings, unfortunately, the authors did not provide further explanations for this observation. In this paper, we fill this gap and provide the reasoning behind the found discrepancies. First, we(More)
— In opportunistic networks, end-to-end paths between two communicating nodes are rarely available. In such situations, the nodes might still copy and forward messages to nodes that are more likely to meet the destination. The question is which forwarding algorithm offers the best trade off between cost (number of message replicas) and rate of successful(More)
This paper analyzes the characteristics of a multi-hop 802.11b mobile ad hoc network. We present data gathered from a mobile network of 20 devices carried by test users over 5 days in an indoor environment. The data is analyzed with regard to (i) the number of reachable devices, (ii) the node degree, (iii) the average path length, (iv) the link lifetime,(More)
Packet sampling methods such as Cisco's NetFlow are widely employed by large networks to reduce the amount of traffic data measured. A key problem with packet sampling is that it is inherently a lossy process, discarding (potentially useful) information. In this paper, we empirically evaluate the impact of sampling on anomaly detection metrics. Starting(More)
The research community worldwide has increasingly drawn its attention to the weaknesses of the current Internet. Many proposals are addressing the perceived problems, ranging from new enhanced protocols to fix specific problems up to the most radical proposal to redesign and deploy a fully new Internet. Most of the problems in the current Internet are(More)
Deregulated centrosome duplication can result in genetic instability and contribute to tumorigenesis. Here, we show that centrosome duplication is regulated by the activity of an E3-ubiquitin ligase that employs the F-box protein FBXW5 (ref. 3) as its targeting subunit. Depletion of endogenous FBXW5 or overexpression of an F-box-deleted mutant version(More)
There are many asynchronous communication situations for which the prevalent continuous connectivity paradigm is not needed. Communication with a fair delay tolerance may instead be provided by intermittent store-and-forwarding between nodes. This paper proposes a design for an open, receiver-driven broadcasting system that relies on delay-tolerant(More)