Martin Marietta

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Moving target detection has always been a significant interest in temporal image analysis field since it rose up to the present. It has widespread application prospect in dealing the emergency event, detecting moving object in big square, and rescuing in natural disaster. Based on the common single lens camera imaging, for the restraint of the(More)
The planet Mars, while cold and arid today, once possessed a warm and wet climate, as evidenced by extensive fluvial features observable on its surface. It is believed that the warm climate of the primitive Mars was created by a strong greenhouse effect caused by a thick CO2 atmosphere. Mars lost its warm climate when most of the available volatile CO2 was(More)
Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) staff have developed a real-time video transmission system for low-bandwidth remote operations. The system supports both continuous transmission of video for remote driving and progressive transmission of still images. Inherent in the system design is a spatiotemporal limitation to the effects of channel errors. The(More)
One of the fundamental difficulties that arises when attempting to use computer vision in dynamic environments is that camera calibration coefficients must be adjusted as the relative distances between camera and target object change, causing refocusing to occur. Such situations arise frequently in robotic environments in which the visual sensor is mobile(More)
This paper describes research that is designed to integrate computer vision with complex robot planning in order to achieve a system capable of autonomously reasoning in spatially reconfigurable environments. In its basic form, the computer vision based spatial reasoning system provides the capability to view objects of known structure and kinematic design(More)
In the past few years, various FRP composite panels have been implemented in highway and pedestrian bridge construction. Light-weight, excellent corrosion characteristics and rapid installation capabilities created tremendous opportunities for FRP composite panels in transportation industry. Nevertheless, proper characterization methods, analysis and design(More)
The coupling of data and knowledge has a synergistic effect when building an intelligent data base. The goal is to integrate the data and knowledge almost to the point of indistinguishability, therefore permitting them to be used interchangeably. Examples given in this paper suggest that Case-Based Reasoning is a more integrated way to link data and(More)