Martin Mahner

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The fundamental concepts of genome, genotype and phenotype are not defined in a satisfactory manner within the biological literature. Not only are there inconsistencies in usage between various authors, but even individual authors do not use these concepts in a consistent manner within their own writings. We have found at least five different notions of(More)
We confront the following popular views: that mind or life are algorithms; that thinking, or more generally any process other than computation, is computation; that anything other than a working brain can have thoughts; that anything other than a biological organism can be alive; that form and function are independent of matter; that sufficiently accurate(More)
In its plesiomorphic state the insect ommatidium consists of eight retinula cells forming a fused rhabdom. It has long been observed that, in contrast to this pattern, Heteroptera have open rhabdoms. However, there has so far been no comprehensive and comparative study of heteropteran ommatidia. For this reason, we investigated the rhabdom structure in 36(More)
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