Martin M. J. Pieters

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Solanum nigrum and S. villosum, and their sexual hybrids with S. tuberosum and S. demissum respectively, were inoculated with a complex race of Phytophthora infestans. No visible reaction was seen on S. villosum and one genotype of S. nigrum. Another genotype of S. nigrum and the hybrids showed a hypersensitive response on most inoculated leaves. In one(More)
Four components of partial resistance toPhytophthora infestans were measured after inoculation in the greenhouse and in the field ofSolanum arnezii x hondelmannii, S. berthaultii, S. circaeifolium, S. leptophyes, S. microdontum, S. sparsipilum, S. sucrense andS. vernei, and four hybrid progenies ofS. microdontum withS. tuberosum. The four components were(More)
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