Martin M F Choi

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CuO nanowires have been prepared and applied for the fabrication of glucose sensors with highly enhanced sensitivity. Cu(OH)(2) nanowires were initially synthesised by a simple and fast procedure, CuO nanowires were then formed simply by removing the water through heat treatment. The structures and morphologies of Cu(OH)(2) and CuO nanowires were(More)
BACKGROUND Carbon nanodots (CD), a new class of carbon nanomaterials with sizes below 10 nm, have recently attracted wide attention due to their superiority in water solubility, chemical inertness, and resistance to photobleaching. As a result, CD has found important and wide applications in energy, catalysis, biological labeling, bioimaging and drug(More)
Enhanced indirect fluorescence detection with in-column optical-fiber LED-induced fluorescence (LED-IF) detection has been developed for the simultaneous separation and determination of p-nitrophenol, 2,4-dinitrophenol and trinitrophenol. The instrumental set-up is simple, cost-effective and the detection method is stable. Different experimental parameters(More)
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