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Fertilization of the ocean by adding iron compounds has induced diatom-dominated phytoplankton blooms accompanied by considerable carbon dioxide drawdown in the ocean surface layer. However, because the fate of bloom biomass could not be adequately resolved in these experiments, the timescales of carbon sequestration from the atmosphere are uncertain. Here(More)
Between ;750 and 635 million years ago, during the Neoproterozoic era, the earth experienced at least two significant, possibly global, glaciations, termed ''Snowball Earth.'' While many studies have focused on the dynamics and the role of the atmosphere and ice flow over the ocean in these events, only a few have investigated the related associated ocean(More)
A data assimilation technique is used with a simple but widely used marine ecosystem model to optimize poorly known model parameters. A thorough analysis of the a posteriori errors to be expected for the estimated parameters was carried out. The errors have been estimated by calculating the Hessian matrices for different problem formulations based on(More)
Geological evidence suggests that marine ice extended to the Equator at least twice during the Neoproterozoic era (about 750 to 635 million years ago), inspiring the Snowball Earth hypothesis that the Earth was globally ice-covered. In a possible Snowball Earth climate, ocean circulation and mixing processes would have set the melting and freezing rates(More)
[1] Stratospheric ozone depletion and emission of greenhouse gases lead to a trend of the southern annular mode (SAM) toward its high-index polarity. The positive phase of the SAM is characterized by stronger than usual westerly winds that induce changes in the physical carbon transport. Changes in the natural carbon budget of the upper 100 m of the(More)
In this paper we present an approach to localize planar furniture parts in 3D range camera data for autonomous robot manipulation, that estimates both their six degree of freedom (DoF) poses and their dimensions. Range cameras are a promising sensor category for mobile robotics. Unfortunately, many of them come with a considerable measurement noise, that(More)
Current research in service robotics is more and more aimed at applications in real home environments. In such context, the ability to track and understand human movements is very important for a robot, for human-robot-interaction as well as other purposes, e.g. proactive behavior, gestures and motions are an important channel of informatoin about the(More)
Sea ice has been suggested, based on simple models, to play an important role in past glacial–intergla-cial oscillations via the so-called ''sea-ice switch'' mechanism. An important requirement for this mechanism is that multiple sea-ice extents exist under the same land ice configuration. This hypothesis of multiple sea-ice extents is tested with a(More)