Martin Lorang

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This paper describes the Flow to VC mapping control module that is embedded in the RSVP over ATM implementation of the ACTS project DIANA. As part of an edge router at the ingress to the ATM network, this module provides signalling translation from RSVP to ATM, handles the admission of flows to ATM VCs and controls an IP over ATM queueing discipline. It is(More)
The ATM service category UBR is intended for non-real-time applications that do not require guaranteed QoS commitments. With additional, relatively inexpensive control functions such as packet discard schemes, UBR could become a cost-effective alternative for the transmission of data traffic, offering a straightforward and flexible solution as opposed to(More)
The evolution of IP and ATM share some common drivers. Both of them are addressing efficient network resource utilisation. In order to evaluate the options and combinations offered by these technologies the DIANA project is looking into the areas where ATM and IP both overlap and complete each other, that is QoS interworking between ATM and IP. This is(More)
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