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The term " flow " is being used in at least three different contexts in the Internet environment: It is used to describe traffic for resource reservation protocols like RSVP. " Flows " are also considered as a unit for traffic switching. Finally, flows are a rather new category in network measurement and analysis. In this work, the focus is on using flows(More)
The ATM service category UBR is intended for non-real-time applications that do not require guaranteed QoS commitments. With additional, relatively inexpensive control functions such as packet discard schemes, UBR could become a cost-effective alternative for the transmission of data traffic, offering a straightforward and flexible solution as opposed to(More)
The main objectives of the project DIANA (AC-319), that is part of the closing ACTS Programme, are to develop, integrate, validate and demonstrate resource reservation, signalling mapping, and traffic control functionality which seamlessly inter-operate between ATM and IP networks to achieve QoS. DIANA is studying several scenarios for QoS provisioning(More)
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