Martin Lindfors

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The speed of a wheeled vehicle is usually estimated using wheel speed sensors (WSS) or GPS. If these signals are unavailable, other methods must be used. We propose a novel approach exploiting the fact that vibrations from rotating axles, with fundamental frequency proportional to vehicle speed, are transmitted via the vehicle chassis. Using an(More)
In order to use high power headlights on heavy duty vehicles, an automatic mechanism for adjusting the level of the headlights must be used. This is in order to avoid glare while still maintaining good visibility. For headlights exceeding 2000 lumen, this control must be done automatically. The main reason for a change in the headlight level is when the(More)
— The aim of this paper is to suggest a modification to the usual bounded confidence model of opinion dynamics, so that " changes of opinion " (intended as changes of the sign of the initial state) of an agent are never induced by the dynamics. In order to do so, a bipartite consensus model is used, endowing it with a confidence range. The resulting signed(More)
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