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A cross-sectional study has been carried out at The National Institutes of Health to examine the prevalence of laboratory animal allergy (LAA) in a population exposed to animals, and to compare the prevalence of general allergy in the exposed v a control group. A group of 289 workers with light-to-moderate exposure to animals, 260 with heavy exposure, and(More)
We report on the development of a micromachined silicon deformable mirror (DM) system for the hyper-contrast visible nulling coronagraph architecture designed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory for NASA's Terrestrial Planet Finding (TPF) mission. The new DM is designed to achieve unprecedented optical quality and mechanical positioning precision as required(More)
A group of 479 fire fighters were investigated for routine exposure to hydrogen cyanide in the fire atmosphere using measurements of serum thiocyanate (SCN-). Our findings indicate that fire fighters were exposed to levels of hydrogen cyanide sufficient to raise their mean serum thiocyanate (SCN-) levels above that of controls. This elevation of serum SCN-(More)
A micromachined deformable mirror (␮-DM) for optical wave-front correction is described. Design and manufacturing approaches for ␮-DMs are detailed. The ␮-DM employs a flexible silicon membrane supported by mechanical attachments to an array of electrostatic parallel plate actuators. Devices are fabricated through surface micromachining using(More)
Early childhood caries affects 28% of children aged 2-6 in the US and is not decreasing. There is a well-recognized need to identify susceptible children at birth. Caries-free adults neutralize bacterial acids in dental biofilms better than adults with severe caries. Saliva contains acidic and basic proline-rich proteins (PRPs) which attach to oral(More)
Background: Acidogenic, acid-tolerant bacteria induce dental caries and require D-alanyl glycerol lipoteichoic acid (D-alanyl LTA) on their cell surface. Because fluoride inhibits acid-mediated enamel demineralization, an elevated antibody response to D-alanyl LTA may indicate subjects with more acidogenic bacteria and, therefore, an association of DMFT(More)
A cross-sectional review of routine employee health status examinations has identified an undercounting of circulating monocytes associated with an inhibition of a surface monocyte esterase, alpha-naphthyl butyrate esterase. It is postulated that this inhibition is associated with an organophosphate used in the production process. Correlation with routine(More)
BACKGROUND Dental biofilms contain a protein that inhibits mammalian cell growth, possibly lysine decarboxylase from Eikenella corrodens. This enzyme decarboxylates lysine, an essential amino acid for dentally attached cell turnover in gingival sulci. Lysine depletion may stop this turnover, impairing the barrier to bacterial compounds. The aims of this(More)