Martin Levine

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The ompB operon, comprising the ompR and envZ genes, was cloned from a Salmonella typhi Ty2 cosmid bank and characterized by DNA sequence analysis. The S. typhi ompR and envZ genes contained open reading frames encoding proteins of 240 and 451 amino acids, respectively. Comparison with the Salmonella typhimurium OmpB protein sequences revealed 99.5%(More)
Mark N. Horenstein Boston University Electrical and Computer Engineering Boston, Massachusetts 02215 Abstract. A micromachined deformable mirror (m-DM) for optical wavefront correction is described. Design and manufacturing approaches for m-DMs are detailed. The m-DM employs a flexible silicon membrane supported by mechanical attachments to an array of(More)
We studied intracranial damage in patients with mild head injuries who were taking warfarin. Of the 215,785 individuals who visited the Mount Auburn and Beth Israel accident and emergency departments during our study, we identified records for 144 patients by anticoagulation status and computed tomography (CT) imaging. We retrospectively reviewed these(More)
The construction of a Salmonella typhi Ty2 strain harbouring defined deletions in both the aroA and aroC genes is described. These deletions have been fully defined at the molecular level by DNA sequencing and have been introduced in such a way that no foreign DNA remains in the S. typhi genome. This strain is attenuated in mice when given by the(More)
Fluoridated dentifrices reduce dental caries in subjects who perform effective oral hygiene. Actinomyces naeslundii increases in teeth-adherent microbial biofilms (plaques) in these subjects, and a well-characterized serum immunoglobulin G (IgG) antibody response (Actinomyces antibody [A-Ab]) is also increased. Other studies suggest that a serum IgG(More)
Early childhood caries affects 28% of children aged 2-6 in the US and is not decreasing. There is a well-recognized need to identify susceptible children at birth. Caries-free adults neutralize bacterial acids in dental biofilms better than adults with severe caries. Saliva contains acidic and basic proline-rich proteins (PRPs) which attach to oral(More)
Jason B. Stewart a,∗, Thomas G. Bifano b,c, Steven Cornelissen c, Paul Bierden c, B. Martin Levine d, Timothy Cook e a Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Boston University, Boston, MA, United States b Department of Manufacturing Engineering, Boston University, Boston, MA, United States c Boston Micromachines Corporation, Watertown, MA,(More)
PURPOSE We validated the descriptive characteristics of emergency cases presenting with urolithiasis, determined the incidence of normal urinalysis in such cases and compared the expense of diagnostic computerized tomography (CT) and excretory urography (IVP). MATERIALS AND METHODS We retrospectively reviewed the charts of all consecutive patient visits(More)
Inflammatory periodontal diseases are provoked by bacteria which adhere to teeth at the gingival margin and form plaques containing toxins detectable by their effect on mammalian cells in culture. The aim of this study was to make toxin-neutralizing monoclonal antibodies and determine whether they detect antigen in specific oral bacteria. Bacterial plaque(More)