Martin Lettner

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In this paper we propose a character segmentation method for multispectral images of ancient documents. Due to the low quality of the images the main idea of this study is to combine the multispectral behavior and contextual spatial information. Therefore we utilize a Markov Random Field model using the spectral information of the images and stroke(More)
Atomic quantum gases in the strong-correlation regime offer unique possibilities to explore a variety of many-body quantum phenomena. Reaching this regime has usually required both strong elastic and weak inelastic interactions because the latter produce losses. We show that strong inelastic collisions can actually inhibit particle losses and drive a system(More)
In this study we analyze texture and profile features of painted strokes in order to identify the drawing media used for sketching underdrawings. Underdrawings are preliminary drawings on the panel prepared for paintings and are unseen in the finished work. Cameras working in the near infrared range allow the visualization of underdrawings. Due to the tiny(More)
The recognition of painted strokes is an important step in analyzing painted works of art like paintings, drawings and underdrawings. But even for art experts, it is difficult to recognize all drawing tools and materials used for the creation of the strokes. Thus the use of computer aided imaging technologies brings a new and objective analysis and assists(More)
Multi-spectral imaging for the analysis and preservation of ancient documents has gained high attention in recent years. While readability enhancement is based on the multi-spectral image corpus, foreground-background separation still relies mainly on gray level or color images. In this paper we propose a foreground-background separation algorithm designed(More)
This paper presents preliminary results of a collaboration of philologists and computer scientists devoted to the recording, investigation and editing of two medieval Slavonic manuscripts of extraordinary importance. The goal of the project lies in the development of techniques and tools for the recording, restoration and analysis of such sources in order(More)