Martin Leslie

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As members of the Dissertation Committee, we certify that we have read the disser-tation prepared by Martin Leslie entitled Hypermap-Homology Quantum Codes and recommend that it be accepted as fulfilling the dissertation requirement for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy. Final approval and acceptance of this dissertation is contingent upon the candidate's(More)
PhD mathematician with exceptional problem-solving skills and deep knowledge of many mathematical and computational tools and techniques. Experience in engineering research, biology and education. Excellent oral and written communication skills. • Wrote dissertation " Hypermap-homology quantum codes " under the supervision of Dr. Marek • Received University(More)
We introduce a method to construct regular column-weight-three low-density parity-check (LDPC) codes with low error floors for the sum product algorithm (SPA) on the binary symmetric channel (BSC). The Tanner graphs of these codes are free of certain small trapping sets. These trapping sets are selected from the Trapping Set Ontology for the Gallager A/B(More)
Acknowledgements Thank you to my supervisor Dr Victor Scharaschkin, without whose knowledge and patience this thesis would never have been completed. Thank you to my family, friends and housemates who have always supported me. Thank you to everyone in the maths honours room, especially Greg for some useful homological and topological discussions and to(More)
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