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Macrophyte diversity in polluted and non-polluted wetlands in Cameroon
Inventory of macrophyte species in four wetlands in the Olezoa drainage basin in Yaounde, two wetlands in the Bamenda central town, and two wetlands in the rural areas in the Menoua Division, wasExpand
Performances of a Yard-Scale Surface Flow Wetland Vegetated with Echinochloa Crus-Pavonis in the Removal of Nutrients and Faecal Bacteria from Domestic Wastewater
Several macrophytes are being tested in experimental wetlands systems in Cameroon, for the treatment of domestic wastewater. The aim of the present research was to assess the performances of a yardExpand
Ethnobotanical study on Wetland macrophytes of medicinal importance in the Western Highlands of Cameroon
The objective of the study was to make a survey of wetland medicinal plants in the Western Highlands of Cameroon. Eighteen (18) wetlands in four divisions namely Penka-Michel (Menoua division),Expand
Growth Characteristics of Fuirena umbellata in a Surface Flow Constructed Wetland and Its Influence in Nutrients and Faecal Bacteria Removal from Domestic Wastewater in Cameroon
Assessment of the growth and biomass production of Fuirena umbellata (Cyperaceae) and its potentials in the removal of faecal bacteria and nutrients from primarily treated domestic effluent in Cameroon found that the vegetated wetland beds were significantly more efficient than the non-vegetated control in the reduction of many physicochemical parameters and faecic bacteria. Expand
Wastewater Treatment Potentials of Vegetated Beds with Brillantaisia cf. bauchiensis Hutch & Dalz and Polygonum salicifolium Brouss ex Wild in the Western Highlands of Cameroon
The objective of this study was to evaluate the potentials of beds vegetated with medicinal species (Brillantaisia bauchiensis and Polygonum salicifolium) in a constructed wetland for domesticExpand