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On Landscape in Narrative Cinema
Resume: Des specialistes des etudes du paysage ont identifie une tension entre le paysage concu comme objet d'observation (le paysage de la peinture) et le paysage concu comme espace vecu (le paysage
Digital Editing and Montage: The Vanishing Celluloid and Beyond
In this essay we consider some of the effects of digital film editing technology on editing. Through an analysis of this technology, as well as DVD technology, we examine the impact these new
Peirce's Esthetics: A Taste for Signs in Art
Is Peirce's esthetic relevant for the philosophy of art—what is usually referred to today as aesthetics? At first glance Peirce's idiosyncratic esthetic seems quite unconcerned with issues of art.
7. Christian Metz and Aesthetics
On Memory and Imagination in the Cinema
Human memory can represent, that is it can translate data into a semiotic system and, by the same token, transform it and render it more complex (even if this implies some forgetting), it is able to produce a memoria.
On some epistemological problems in film theory
In the light of recent debates in film studies over the nature of film theory and the kinds of knowledge it produces, this paper examines some of the epistemological issues currently being raised by