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Veselago pointed out that electromagnetic wave theory allows for materials with a negative index of refraction, in which most known optical phenomena would be reversed. A slab of such a material can focus light by negative refraction, an imaging technique strikingly different from conventional positive refractive index optics, where curved surfaces bend the(More)
To describe a mobile defect in polyacetylene chains, Su, Schrieffer and Heeger formulated a model assuming two degenerate energy configurations that are characterized by two different topological phases. An immediate consequence was the emergence of a soliton-type edge state located at the boundary between two regions of different configurations. Besides(More)
The ratchet phenomenon is a means to get directed transport without net forces. Originally conceived to rectify stochastic motion and describe operational principles of biological motors, the ratchet effect can be used to achieve controllable coherent quantum transport. This transport is an ingredient of several perspective quantum devices including atomic(More)
The transfer factor (TF) for Sr-90 was studied in 10 rye fields with podzolic soils near Bremen. Values between 0.10 and 0.30 were obtained with a mean of 0.18. The TF was correlated with various soil parameters (pH, organic matter, K, Ca and P content). Negative correlations were found between TF and pH-value, Ca and P content. However, the content of(More)
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