Martin Lautenbach

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OBJECTIVE Inflamed tissues are usually characterized by low oxygen levels. We investigated whether pathophysiological hypoxia (pO(2) < 1%) as found in the rheumatoid synovium modulates the transcriptome of human CD4+ T cells. METHODS We analyzed the extent to which hypoxia influences the transcriptome in the rheumatoid synovium according to a gene cluster(More)
The development of microsurgical methods has allowed for the use of vascularized bone transplants in the treatment of femoral head necrosis, particularly for Stages II, III, and IV according to the Association Internationale de Recherche sur la Circulation Osseuse classification system. Eighty patients with avascular necrosis of the femoral head were(More)
INTRODUCTION The giant cell tumour of the tendon sheath (GCTTS) of the hand is a benign tumour of unknown origin. The clinical diagnosis is supported by preoperative imaging. But the ideal imaging methods necessary for the diagnosis, preoperative planning and total tumour resection are still debated. Standard treatment is surgical resection with(More)
There is a growing trend today which calls for reconstructing the loss of bigger bone parts in the area of extremities in a suitable manner. The microvascular bone transplantation for bridging bone defects is--admist other procedures--a distinct enrichment to preserve the extremities. This method of transplantation has the capability of surviving within a(More)
The purpose of the study was to observe the impact of radiation therapy on healing and biomechanical properties of vascularized bone grafts, and thus to establish an appropriate large animal model. Ten male beagles were divided into two experimental groups: radiation (R) and control (C). The left 5th to 7th ribs of the animals of group R were irradiated 3(More)
The purpose of this study was to observe the impact of chemotherapy on the healing and biomechanical properties of vascularized bone grafts. Ten male beagle dogs were divided into two experimental groups: a chemotherapy group (CH) and control group (C). Group CH received adjuvant and neo-adjuvant chemotherapy. Each animal of both groups underwent the(More)
INTRODUCTION Ulnocarpal impaction syndrome is a common cause of chronic ulnar-sided wrist pain. The distal ulnar shortening osteotomy addresses the often present positive ulnar variance and therefore relieves the excessive load on the ulnocarpal joint. In the present study, the results of a technique that uses an ulnodorsal approach with a compression(More)
PURPOSE The wrist is involved early in rheumatoid arthritis and is often severely affected. A stable wrist is crucial to good hand function, which often necessitates a fusion. One of the most commonly used techniques in rheumatoid patients is the Mannerfelt arthrodesis. In this retrospective study the outcome and the patient's subjective satisfaction are(More)
Careful diagnostic and early therapy are especially important in cases of scaphoid fractures. This is due to the patients being mostly young and the high number of non-unions of these carpal bones. Conservative and various operative treatments are therapeutical options. Out of the patients who underwent surgery from January 1993 to February 1999 42 patients(More)
BACKGROUND Alloarthroplasty of the proximal interphalangeal joint is indicated for patients with osteoarthritis, an inflammatory disease of the joint. According to the current literature, implants made of silicone are not inferior to newer implants and the complications are well known. Therefore, focus should be shifted to the operative approach to improve(More)