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BACKGROUND Inflammatory lung diseases are a major morbidity factor in children. Therefore, novel strategies for early detection of inflammatory lung diseases are of high interest. Bacterial lipopolysaccharide (LPS) is recognized via Toll-like receptors and CD14. CD14 exists as a soluble (sCD14) and membrane-associated (mCD14) protein, present on the surface(More)
Reports) is releasing its 4th issue, the second of 2015. In the past months EJPS Reports has reached two important milestones as it builds a reputation for publishing high-quality pediatric surgical case reports. In addition to being freely and immediately available online, all articles published in the journal are now searchable in PubMed thanks to the(More)
The European Journal of Pediatric Surgery Reports (EJPS Reports) is releasing its 3rd issue, the first of 2015. As the incoming Editor-in-Chief of this journal, I would like to thank the founding editor Mikko Pakarinen, who was leading EJPS Reports during the first two years and made a significant contribution to the amazing start of the journal. Starting a(More)
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