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BACKGROUND The molecular cause of inflammatory bowel disease is largely unknown. METHODS We performed genetic-linkage analysis and candidate-gene sequencing on samples from two unrelated consanguineous families with children who were affected by early-onset inflammatory bowel disease. We screened six additional patients with early-onset colitis for(More)
A proportionate analysis of cause of death in 1,401 commercial pressmen was initiated following a report of a cancer cluster in this group. The study found a significant elevated risk of all cancers [proportionate mortality ratio (PMR) = 127] and cancers of the lymphatic and hematopoietic system (PMR = 122), with non-Hodgkin's lymphomas responsible for much(More)
Genetic and environmental factors contribute to the etiopathogenesis of Crohn's disease (CD) and ulcerative colitis (UC). To identify new susceptibility genes, we determined the mRNA expression level of 88 genes from different biological contexts on colonic biopsies of CD and UC patients. We show that CXCL9 was overexpressed in colonic tissue of 3/5 CD and(More)
INTRODUCTION Personal portable information technology is advancing at a breathtaking speed. Google has recently introduced Glass, a device that is worn like conventional glasses, but that combines a computerized central processing unit, touchpad, display screen, high-definition camera, microphone, bone-conduction transducer, and wireless connectivity. We(More)
AIM Genome-wide association studies have described an association of the ATG16L1 (autophagy 16-like 1) gene rs2241880 variant with Crohn's disease (CD). Therefore, we evaluated this polymorphism in early-onset CD in 152 children and 253 controls and for the first time determined ATG16L1 colonic expression in German CD children. METHODS Investigation of(More)
OBJECTIVES Recently, a genome-wide association study showed that single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in the chromosome 4q27 region containing IL2 and IL21 are associated with celiac disease. Given the increased prevalence of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) among celiac disease patients, we investigated the possible involvement of these SNPs in IBD. (More)
BACKGROUND Inflammatory lung diseases are a major morbidity factor in children. Therefore, novel strategies for early detection of inflammatory lung diseases are of high interest. Bacterial lipopolysaccharide (LPS) is recognized via Toll-like receptors and CD14. CD14 exists as a soluble (sCD14) and membrane-associated (mCD14) protein, present on the surface(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Three-dimensional (3D) imaging, a recent technical innovation in laparoscopic surgery, has been postulated to enhance depth perception and facilitate operations. However, it has never been evaluated in conditions where the focus is close to the optical system. Thus, it is unclear whether 3D cameras can improve laparoscopic surgical(More)
The ARM-Net (anorectal malformation network) consortium held a consensus meeting in which the classification of ARM and preoperative workup were evaluated with the aim of improving monitoring of treatment and outcome. The Krickenbeck classification of ARM and preoperative workup suggested by Levitt and Peña, used as a template, were discussed, and a(More)
Seventy-nine men with Hodgkin's disease were treated with chemotherapy protocols at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and had pretreatment semen analysis performed at the area semen bank. The patients were evaluated to determine: the quality of pretreatment semen, the effect of treatment on spermatogenesis, and the success rate of artificial(More)