Martin Löffler

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This paper presents an integrated method for the simulation of mixed 1D / 3D system models in the domain of building energy supply systems. The feasibility of this approach is demonstrated by the use case of a solar thermal system: the sub-model of a hot water storage is modeled as a detailed three-dimensional CFD model, but the rest of the system model(More)
Building on our previous work [Taubert et al. 2012], we present an approach for real-time interaction between a real human and an avatar. We generate reactive motions by a dynamical extension of a hierarchical Gaussian process latent variable model, including latent dimensions for emotional style variation and target positions. This allows the avatar to(More)
In order to evaluate whether the anemia observed in aged C57B1 and B6D2F1 mice reflects a defect in the control mechanisms regulating erythropoiesis a mathematical model of erythropoietic control is employed, validated previously. In the model it is hypothesized that the most important mechanism for compensating an actual demand of red blood cells is an(More)
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