Martin Kundrát

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We report herein that a pentadactyl developmental pattern is evident in early wing morphogenesis of Gallus (chicken) and Struthio (ostrich). Five avascular zones (spatially predestined locations of contiguous metacarpal and phalangeal aggregation) and four interdigital vascular spaces are established by the regression patterns of autopodial vasculature.(More)
The distribution of air-filled structures in the craniofacial and neurocranial bones of the oviraptorid ZPAL MgD-I/95, discovered at the Hermiin Tsav locality, Mongolia, is restored. Based on the complete obliteration of most of the cranial sutures, the specimen is identified as an adult individual of Conchoraptor gracilis Barsbold 1986. Except for the(More)
An almost complete adult endoneurocranium of Conchoraptor gracilis Barsbold 1986 (Oviraptoridae; ZPAL MgD-I/95), discovered at the Hermiin Tsav locality (the Upper Cretaceous) in Mongolia, is analyzed. A virtual model of the endoneurocranial cavity was derived from CT scans and represents the most complete maniraptoran endocast to date. It displays reduced(More)
UNLABELLED The present analysis consists of (1) description of the primary chondrification patterns and their transformation into ossified elements in the basipodium of Struthio camelus; (2) comparison of these with the conditions found in Alligator and Gallus; and (3) interpretation of the autopodial elements of Archaeopteryx. CONCLUSIONS (1) The(More)
Vargas and Fallon (2005. J Exp Zool (Mol Dev Evol) 304B:86-90) propose that Hox gene expression patterns indicate that the most anterior digit in bird wings is homologous to digit 1 rather than to digit 2 in other amniotes. This interpretation is based on the presence of Hoxd13 expression in combination with the absence of Hoxd12 expression in the second(More)
The effect of blood perfusion rate on the temperature distribution during scanned, focused ultrasound hyperthermia was investigated using an in vivo dog kidney model. The results showed that the ultrasound beams could penetrate through the body wall without severe distortion, and that they could be used to induce controlled temperature elevations in the(More)
We tested a new nitrous oxide (N2O) delivery system to explore its usefulness in patient-controlled analgesia. Six patients with uncontrolled cancer-related pain were studied. Patients could give themselves inhalations of a fixed 50%/50% mixture of N2O and oxygen via mouthpiece or face mask. This therapy supplemented other available modalities, principally(More)
Acute confusion (AC), also referred to as delirium (AC/delirium), is a common problem seen by health professionals who work in a variety of care settings. This is an evaluative report on the clinical usability of instruments to assess AC/delirium as a part of nursing practice. Specifically, five instruments [the Confusion Assessment Method (CAM), Delirium(More)
Most nurses function as generalists; however, some function in "expert" roles based on informal training as Resource Nurses. Training usually focuses on assessment and management of a specific problem, with the goal of creating a readily available "expert" for every unit. The primary activity of the Resource Nurse is to provide expert care, education, and(More)
Despite the high prevalence of acute confusion among elders and the importance of its early detection, there are few reports of systematic efforts to increase staff competence. This article describes the development and evaluation of an 8-hour educational program designed to prepare staff nurses to perform in a new role, the unit-based acute confusion(More)