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Internal structure of hexagonal skyrmion lattices in cubic helimagnets
We have utilised a high spatial resolution imaging method, Differential Phase Contrast (DPC) performed in a scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM), for precise measurement of the magneticExpand
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Chiral Surface Twists and Skyrmion Stability in Nanolayers of Cubic Helimagnets.
Theoretical analysis and Lorentz transmission electron microscopy (LTEM) investigations in an FeGe wedge demonstrate that chiral twists arising near the surfaces of noncentrosymmetric ferromagnetsExpand
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National Gravimetric Database of the Slovak Republic
Compilation of the Slovak gravimetric database with the actual amount of about 320,000 observation points is presented. Gravity data were collected during more than 50 years, which yields a veryExpand
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Integrated Geophysical and Geological Investiga-tions of Karst Structures in Komberek, Slovakia
A complex of geophysical methods were used to investigate a small karst area aimed at the production of detailed geological mapping, to confirm geological localization of known sinkholes, and to findExpand
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Case history: integrated geophysical survey at Katarínka Monastery (Slovakia)
Katarinka (St. Catherine) is the ruin of an abandoned Franciscan monastery from the early 17th century located in the western Small Carpathians in Slovakia. Historical sources and paintings suggestExpand
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3D gravity interpretation of the pre-Tertiary basement in the intramontane depressions of the Western Carpathians: a case study from the Turiec Basin
Abstract New results related to the thickness and density of the sedimentary fill of the Turiec Basin allowed us to construct the first original stripped gravity map for this typical intramontaneExpand
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High resolution Slovak Bouguer gravity anomaly map and its enhanced derivative transformations: new possibilities for interpretation of anomalous gravity fields
Abstract The paper deals with the revision and enrichment of the present gravimetric database of the Slovak Republic. The output of this process is a new version of the complete Bouguer anomaly (CBA)Expand
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Evaluation of a Multi-Sensor Platform in a Large-Scale Geophysical Survey at Brú na Bóinne World Heritage Site, Ireland
This poster presents comparative results from the first use of the Geophysical Exploration Equipment Platform (GEEP) in Ireland in carrying out a multi-sensor survey in the vicinity of a possibleExpand
Physical properties of Hradište border fault (Turiec Basin, Western Carpathians, Slovakia) inferred by multidisciplinary geophysical approach
The Hradiste border fault zone has played an important role in the development of the tectonic contact of the Cenozoic sediments of the Turiec Basin with the Mala Fatra Mountains crystallineExpand