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Apache Kafka is a scalable message broker, and Apache Samza is a stream processing framework built upon Kafka. They are widely used as infrastructure for implementing personalized online services and real-time predictive analytics. Besides providing high throughput and low latency, Kafka and Samza are designed with operational robustness and long-term(More)
This Preview Edition of Designing Data-Intensive Applications, Chapters 1 and 2, is a work in progress. The final book is currently scheduled for release in July 2015 and will be available at oreilly.com and other retailers once it is published. O'Reilly books may be purchased for educational, business, or sales promotional use. Online editions are also(More)
The CAP Theorem is a frequently cited impossibility result in distributed systems, especially among NoSQL distributed databases. In this paper we survey some of the confusion about the meaning of CAP, including inconsistencies and ambiguities in its definitions, and we highlight some problems in its formalization. CAP is often interpreted as proof that(More)
Authentication protocols based on an asymmetric keypair provide strong authentication as long as the private key remains secret, but may fail catastrophically if the private key is lost or stolen. Even when encrypted with a password, stolen key material is susceptible to offline brute-force attacks. In this paper we demonstrate a method for rate-limiting(More)
convergence (Section 4) Example CRDTs (Sections 6 and 7) Fig. 1. The main locales (modules) of our proof, and the relationships between them. Solid arrows indicate a more specialised locale that extends a more general locale (like extending interfaces in OOP). Dashed arrows indicate a sublocale that satisfies the assumptions of the superlocale (like(More)
This technical report is based on a final-year project dissertation for the Computer Science Tripos. It was submitted in May 2006. The dissertation was marked as the best dissertation in its year and was awarded the AT&T prize. Abstract I describe the development of a program to simulate the dynamic behaviour of interacting rigid bodies. Such a simulation(More)
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