Martin Klemm

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Static and dynamic localization techniques for wireless sensor networks, A comprehensive channel model for UWB multi-sensor multi-antenna Body Area etworks, IEEE Trans. Analytical angular correlation function in a mode-stirred reverberation chamber, accepted in Elec.Lett. Ultra Wideband channel model for communication around the human body, IEEE J.
PURPOSE Due to rapid developments in the research areas of medical imaging, medical image processing and robotics, computer-assisted interventions (CAI) are becoming an integral part of modern patient care. From a software engineering point of view, these systems are highly complex and research can benefit greatly from reusing software components. This is(More)
Navigated instruments commonly include applied parts, e.g. burrs or saw blades, that need to be calibrated with respect to the attached or integrated tracker. Since this calibration has to be very precise, it is often performed by the manufacturer. However, due to the great variety of instruments and the option to exchange the applied parts (e.g. burrs)(More)