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This paper considers the problem of monitoring vehicle data streams in a resource-constrained environment. It particularly focuses on a monitoring task that requires frequent computation of correlation matrices using lightweight on-board computing devices. It motivates this problem in the context of the Mine-Fleet Real-Time system and offers a randomized(More)
For bounded datasets such as the TREC Web Track the computation of term frequency (TF) and inverse document frequency (IDF) is not difficult. However, since IDF cannot be directly calculated for the entire web, it must be estimated. We see a need to estimate accurate IDF values to generate TF-IDF based lexical signatures (LSs) of web pages. Future(More)
We explored the effect of unilateral intracarotid sodium amobarbital injection during the Wada test (intra-arterial amobarbital procedure, IAP) on functional connectivity in the brain assessed by synchronization analysis of the EEG. Patients suffering from pharmaco-resistant epilepsy who were selected for epilepsy surgery and underwent a preoperative IAP to(More)
The emergence of the web has fundamentally affected most aspects of information communication, including scholarly communication. The immediacy that characterizes publishing information to the web, as well as accessing it, allows for a dramatic increase in the speed of dissemination of scholarly knowledge. But, the transition from a paper-based to a(More)
The intra-arterial amobarbital procedure (IAP or Wada test) is used to determine language lateralization and contralateral memory functioning in patients eligible for neurosurgery because of pharmaco-resistant epilepsy. During unilateral sedation, functioning of the contralateral hemisphere is assessed by means of neuropsychological tests. We use the IAP as(More)
Compared to classical oncological outcome measures such as time to progression and survival, the importance of cognitive functioning in patients with diffuse infiltrative brain tumors has only recently been recognized. Apart from the relatively low incidence and the invariably fatal outcome of gliomas, the general assumption that cognitive assessment is(More)
OBJECTIVE Cerebral functions are based on the functional interactions between multiple distinct specialized regions of the brain. Functional interactions require anatomical connections as well as the synchronization of brain oscillations. The present work aims at evaluating the impact of brain tumours on spatial patterns of functional connectivity of the(More)
INTRODUCTION Alzheimer's disease (AD) usually first presents in elderly patients, but may also develop at an earlier age. Patients with an early age at onset tend to present with complaints other than memory impairment, such as visuospatial problems or apraxia, which may reflect a different distribution of cortical involvement. In this study we set out to(More)
Familial macular degeneration is a clinically and genetically heterogeneous group of disorders characterized by progressive central vision loss. Here we show that an R373C missense mutation in the prominin 1 gene (PROM1) causes 3 forms of autosomal-dominant macular degeneration. In transgenic mice expressing R373C mutant human PROM1, both mutant and(More)