Martin Kelly

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This paper describes a car traffic control simulation realised in a decentralised way by message propagations: congested nodes (roads intersections) send speed-up or slowdown messages to neighbouring nodes. Different types of journeys have been modelled: regular car journeys, accidents and emergency cars journeys. These journeys have different lengths and(More)
PURPOSE To establish the pattern of change in globe protrusion with advancing age. The findings contribute to our understanding of orbital ageing, and are useful in the longitudinal assessment of patients with orbital disease, craniofacial abnormalities and trauma. METHODS Ocular protrusion from the lateral orbital rim to the corneal apex was measured in(More)
BACKGROUND The impact of bronchiectasis on sedentary behaviour and physical activity is unknown. It is important to explore this to identify the need for physical activity interventions and how to tailor interventions to this patient population. We aimed to explore the patterns and correlates of sedentary behaviour and physical activity in bronchiectasis.(More)
A pilot study was performed to assess the effectiveness of treatment in an opioid dependent population using the Maudsley Addiction Profile (MAP) tool1.The primary outcome of the study was to assess if treatment had an effect on 1. Substance use (quantity and frequency of use), 2. Health risk behaviour (injecting and sharing injecting equipment), 3. Health(More)
This paper describes a traffic control simulation based on exchange of messages between local intersections which incorporate dynamically assembled cellular automata. A genetic algorithm is employed to determine parameters governing the messaging and cellular behaviour. This paper reports both on the convergence of the genetic algorithm towards fittest(More)
Executive Summary The Southwest Florida Water Management District (District) has completed a study of the Lower Hillsborough River (LHR) and made recommendations for setting minimum flows to protect the natural resources of the river. The original minimum flows and level (MFL) for the LHR was set February 23, 1999 at a level of 10 cubic feet per second(More)
BACKGROUND The debate on how to create ideal facial proportions--once the remit of artists and sculptors--has been reignited during the past 5 decades, with the emergence of aesthetic facial surgery. Classic ideals exist, but few individuals actually satisfy these criteria. Aesthetic ideals are culturally and temporally variable. For centuries, the optimum(More)
We present a case of a massive hemifacial plexiform neurofibroma. The tumor arose from the right trigeminal ganglion in the middle cranial fossa, involving the 3 divisions of the trigeminal nerve. This affected the whole right side of the face. The principles of management are discussed.
Intensive care unit EEG recordings are often contaminated by artifacts that are unseen elsewhere and are usually not documented. One is the rhythmic artifact of physiotherapy (RAP), which can follow the frequency of chest percussion or vibration with either fundamental or harmonic sinusoidal wave forms, affecting single or multiple channels. The occipital(More)