Martin Kaspar Rüegg

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Molecular genetic markers may reveal informative patterns of population processes such as historical migration, which may substantiate inference on postglacial re-colonization inferred, e.g., from fossil records. Palynological records of Swiss stone pine (Pinus cembra) suggest that the species has re-colonized the central Alps from a southeastern Alpine(More)
1. Comparative studies on the protein metabolism in larvae of different developmental stages of the wild-type (+/+) and the lethal mutant “lethal-translucida” (ltr; 3, 20.7 ±0.8) of Drosophila melanogaster have been carried out. These included the changes of wet weight, hemolymph volume, content of hemolymph proteins, activity of protein synthesis of the(More)
In einem Peritonealzell-System der Ratte zeigt ein Alkyl-Prolyl-Derivat von Corticotrophin (C44 680-Ba) eine grössere Histamin-freisetzende Wirkung als Compound 48/80. Dieser Effekt der beiden Substanzen kann durch Verbindungen gehemmt werden, die antiinflammatorische und/oder anti-allergische Eigenschaften besitzen. Tribenosid (Glyvenol®) und(More)
The mechanism of the histamine-liberating action of the synthetic polypeptide C 44 680-Ba, an alkyl-prolyl derivative of β1–19 corticotrophin, was investigated and compared with those of Compound 48/80, dextran, Melittin and Triton X-100. It was found that the release of histamine from rat peritoneal cells induced by the polypeptide is dependent on(More)
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